Orangeville Divorce Therapy

Is Orangeville divorce therapy right for you?

Are you going through a divorce? Are you trying to decide whether you want a divorce? Has your partner told you they want a divorce? If you answered yes to any of those questions then I might be the right therapist for you. I have personal experience with divorce, so I can help you navigate the stresses that come with divorce and separation.

I help people going through divorce or simply wanting to discuss whether they want to stay together. Divorce therapy is about exploring your feelings and figuring out what you ultimately want to do. It’s a really difficult decision and having someone to hash it out with is often very helpful. Sometimes clients are told their partner wants a divorce and it comes as a shock to them. They often need to do some self reflection to help figure out what went wrong.

There is hope. There is no need to stay stuck in that limbo space. By exploring your best hopes and options, we can figure out together where that leads.

We can work together to achieve your best hopes!

You likely already have some coping skills you turn to. We will build on them, and create some new ones together. This will help you reduce your pain and begin to experience joy again, no matter what happens. If you’re currently already going through a divorce and need support, I am here to help with that too. I have personal experience with divorce, just know you will not be alone moving forward.

Click the link below to set up your free 15 minute phone or video consultation. You can see if Orangeville divorce therapy is right for you.

All sessions are via telephone or video, whichever you prefer