About Me

Welcome to my site!  Here’s some information about me

I’ve spent the better part of my adult life interested in psychology and how the mind works. Firstly, I got a specialist degree in psychology at the University of Toronto in 2012. Then I got a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University in 2016.  I have experience with the Peel Distress Line, and Family Transition Place as a volunteer. I have also spent over 20 years (in another career) listening to clients share their stories with me.

More About Me

My clients tell me that they’ve shared with me things they have never told anyone before. They say that I’m non-judgmental and they appreciate that. I present a more down-to-earth and laidback style, often adding humour to sessions. I find it eases the tension of sharing private details.

“ If you feel like you need to be heard and understood, then I can help.”

All sessions are via telephone or video, whichever you prefer