Relationship Counselling: Is It Time?

relationship counselling page-heart made of wooden sticks with faery lights surrounding it, on a beach

It’s a new year already and the perfect time to deal with those nagging issues that have been bringing you down.  If you’ve been putting off dealing with your relationship problems, then now is the time for relationship counselling.

Perhaps you just need someone to talk to after feeling alone during the holidays.  Maybe this time of year brings out the meaning of loss for you. Maybe it reminds you of who you are missing so much.  Relationship counselling can surely help you come to terms with what is going on in your life, and what causes you distress.

Whether attending with your loved one or by yourself, improvements can happen sooner than you think. Talking about your best hopes and describing what that would look like can lead to the kind of changes you would like.

I would love to help if I can, so please send me an email, or book your own consult below.

Kathy 😊