How I Work

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Most clients benefit from this method because it provides hope where maybe none existed before. It builds on your current and previous strengths and helps you to remember what they are and how they can be useful to you now. You will hear yourself saying things that you haven’t heard for a while, and this will encourage you to act on those things to improve your situation, whatever it may be. Clients end up feeling hopeful and often more positive than they normally would after a therapy session, which they find refreshing. Yes, there is room to discuss the events of your life and the struggles you are going through, of course, but the focus is more often on the details of your preferred future, so that you focus on that and take steps in that direction.

Client-Centered Therapy

Some people just need a listening ear and a place to vent their frustrations, without having to work too hard.  For those people, we have client-centered therapy, so if you just want to talk, that is perfectly fine, in fact, you are the expert of you, so you will be in charge of where we go in sessions…but don’t worry, I will be there every step of the way.

All sessions are via telephone or video, whichever you prefer